Re: Napster: thoughts and comments?

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 18:01:51 MDT

> > comercially. They also supported taping records, and CDs. The problem is
> > with 100% perfect digital reproduction.
> WHich is bullshit. Lars claims that MP3 downloads are a 'perfect' reproduction
> of the digital track. Not true. MP3 downloads are perfect reproductions of the
> original MP3 file on the server whish is an imperfect reproduction of the
> original CD master. MP3 is nowhere near CD quality. The claim of 'perfect
> reproduction' is a false straw man the recording industry is trying to use to
> shut down this format specifically because it has outcompeted their own file
> format that is licensable, trackable, and able to be controlled on a pay per
> play basis.

Sorry, Mike, but your argument is philosophically irrelevant because even
if existing MP3 technology is not perfect, prefect reproduction is trivial
and will be commonplace as technology advances. Even on a DSL line today,
you can download a 100% faithful CD track in lossless WAV format in a very
reasonable time. And no digital format will ever be "secure" except on
secure hardware, and even that is dubious.

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