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From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@frontiernet.net)
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 09:14:15 MDT

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This edition of "Talking Points" features "The Rain Forest Myth."
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The Rainforest Myth

Even before we enter school, we are made aware of earth's fragile
environment. And although this fragility may exist, its existence
is often overblown by those making a livelihood through the
manufacture, promotion, and exploitation of alleged environmental
catastrophes. Two such areas stand out among all others: Global
Warming and the Rainforests.

Hysterians and other special interests recently received a
"spanking" on the American Investigator cable show called "Amazon
Rainforest: Clear-cutting the Myths."

This syndicated television program disclosed how the amazon
Rainforest is actually one of the most intact and least
endangered forests on the planet. Contrary to the claim made by
Al Gore in his "Earth In The Balance," the world's tropical
rainforests will not disappear halfway through this century. In
reality, the Amazon Rainforest is not only holding its own, but
is in a constant state of regeneration. As the Environmental
Defense Fund concedes in their fine print, the amazon is actually
87.5%-94% intact.

Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder (recently resigned),
claims that the threats to the Rainforests are greatly
exaggerated. He goes on to state "All these save-the-forests
arguments are based on bad science." Moore also contends that if
one were to accept the deforestation claims of the hysterians,
"You would have cleared 50 times the size of the Amazon already
if accurate."

And contrary to claims the Amazon is "The lungs of the Earth,"
the Rainforests have only been around for an estimated
12,000-16,000 years. This by itself makes it difficult to argue
the destiny of the earth is linked to it's health. Additionally,
many eco-scientists believe the Amazon may actually be a net user
of oxygen. Philip Scott from the University of London points out
"In fact, because the trees fall down and decay, rainforests
actually take in more oxygen than they give out."

And no, there are not 100 extinctions of species per day as
claimed by Al Gore, and there are not 50,000/year as claimed by
Harvard's Edward Wilson. In fact, when asked to name a specie
which has become extinct, Wilson couldn't name a single one!

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