RE: FWD (IUFO) balls of light

From: Jonathan Reeves (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 01:58:51 MDT

Spike writes:
 I suppose, but isnt
it sufficient to show that there is a muuuuch easier way? spike

Sometimes, perhaps. However Randi doesnt always just point out a simpler
hypothesis, he has been known to deliberately falsify results and interfere
(sabotage) experiments and experimenters credentials.
I'm afraid I cant remember the exact details but a couple of years back
there was a big row about homeopathic medicine, with claims that it had been
scientifically tested and shown to have positive results (an article in one
of the big magazines - Nature, or New Scientist). Randi and friends went
into this lab to test that proper scientific procedures had been carried out
and made several allegations about the way the experiments were conducted.
As I recall he actually accused the experimenters of falsifying data - all
allegations were later shown to be completely unfounded.

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