Re: ...did FM 2030 have a Life Extension Program?

From: zeb haradon (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 22:20:41 MDT

>From: "CYMM" <>
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>Subject: ...did FM 2030 have a Life Extension Program?
>Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 21:02:52 -0400
>This may sound extremely crass, but I think it may be of assistance to us

I hope nobody sees it as crass. It might be a good idea to find out
everyone's LE regiment (I know you are trying to do this), maybe by setting
up a database on the web, asking specific doses about specific chemicals
being taken, with ages, etc. As people die (this would be a several years
project), you would have some data about what works and what doesn't.

>What sort of LE did FM2030 practise?

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