Re: Getting rich without copyright (was Napster...)

Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 20:14:16 MDT

In a message dated 7/11/2000 2:27:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

> So the next person who brings up the "artists will starve without
> copyright
things you mention are not truly good business ventures for me.

Performance: costly with little return. Not available for painters who wants
to pay towatch me paint?

Work for hire: never a good way to get rich, under any circumstances. someone
else makes money off you. I prefer to hire rather than be hired.

Ampling and collaginging _ fail to see how that makes money, unless you sell
your work.

beggin; or street art: demeaning, and for females, possible dangerous
Mugs and shit: also same, costs a bundle, (or if hand made redisculously time

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