garageband (was Napster: thoughts and comments?)

From: altamira (
Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 16:37:11 MDT

Speaking of garage bands, anyone who likes to explore new talent should
check out this web site:

Bands can upload songs to the site, and the members (anyone can sign up)
review and rank the selections. The most popular band gets a $250,000
recording contract (I wish I could say for sure how often this happens, but
I can't). Some of the stuff here is mediocre or worse, but some is worth
listening to.


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> Alex Future Bokov wrote:
> > Who Metallica should really fear is not Napster, but the
> > garage band that has just as much talent as Metallica,
> > and hasn't been spoiled by royalties.
> "It's very very simple. One of the -- when we monitored Napster
> for 48 hours
> three weekends ago, we came up with the 1.4 million downloads of Metallica
> music, there was one, one downloading -- one! of an unsigned artist the
> whole time.

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