Re: Lee's opinion of the Artists' World (ws)Napster: thoughts and comments?

Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 12:42:53 MDT

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> They need to wake up and realize
> that they can't just create words and music and art--they actually do
> have to do some of the work of creating money themselves, and they have
> to throw away the idiotic "art for art's sake" mentality that has been
> keeping them enslaved for so long.

No, suits are enslaved, artists are free. You have it so backwards it's funny!

We're doing what we want and getting paid.

Duke Ellington put it well, when the suit got mad at him cuz his records were
not selling as many that month.

Duke, who had class- said somthin' like, that's not my job.My job is to
make the quality music, yours is to sell it. Get back to work and quit
bugging me.

Any artisan who is making their living doing what they want is to me, a

Big talk Lee, cuz you're a big man... you try painting or recording music ten
to fifteen hours a day, and then going out to sell it in your "spare time".

Then after you have a body of work that I can look at, and a track record of
making money, I will be willing to discuss it.

An artist "taking it laying down" when we pay our manager or agent? Not if
we're getting a very good service in return.

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