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Date: Tue Jul 11 2000 - 03:58:45 MDT

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Today's conundrum:

Experimental scientists backed by a consortium of weathly philanthropists travelled to monkey populations across the globe and dropped specially constructed internet connected terminals and digital cameras into these populations in a bizarre experiment. Soon, the monkeys were connected as a global community via MonkeyPortal, and learnt how to take photographs of each others colourful butts - they commenced an online pornographic swap community, distributing pictures of monkey genitals and displaying a fascination with lewd antics. Soon, the monkeys had mastered the simple skills of running a global ring of monkey pornography. However, connected to the net, the monkey's material was available to the rest of the population - and it was discovered that the monkeys were carrying out the human equivalent of pedophilia, incest, rape and other highly unethical and unquestionable immoral acts.

1. Should the human population step in to regulate the monkey population ? 2. Should the human population impose its morality and ideas onto the monkey population ? 3. Should the human population segregate the monkey population in the net and firewall it ? 4. Should human and monkey representatives meet to negotiate an acceptable interface between the two cultures ? 5. Should the human population enact legislation to ensure that it is illegal for its citizens to look at monkey pornography ? 6. Are the scientists and philanthropists to blame for putting the tools in the hands of the monkeys before they were responsible?


Next week - the monkey population finds that the human population puts pictures of haircuts on the net. The population is deeply distressed as haircuts are highly offensive to them. The monkey population decides to take action.


Best regards, Matthew.

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