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Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 16:03:14 MDT


On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Ziana Astralos wrote:

> Oh, definitely. I was one of the banned (and one of
> the 'lucky' few who managed to get back on ;) ), due
> to one mp3 with Metallica in its name-- but it wasn't
> even one off any of their albums, just a remix of one
> of their songs a friend of mine did. I had even been
> planning to buy their new double-album (that symphony
> one, _S&M_) soon as I had enough money, when they
> pulled out that lawsuit and ban stuff-- so much for
> that! :) IMHO any profits they've lost have been from
> that baaaad move, not from Napster itself! :)

Who Metallica should really fear is not Napster, but the
garage band that has just as much talent as Metallica,
and hasn't been spoiled by royalties. The band whose
bread and butter is playing live gigs, and their recordings
are just a way to make a name for themselves. Such a band
would simply love to have Metallica's problem of severah
hundred thousand users downloading and listening to their
songs. Because the next time this garage band comes to town,
it will fill a stadium with people who first found out about
them by downloading their MP3's. That's the once and future
business model for music, folks.

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