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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 13:30:03 MDT

An elk is a big, big deer relative, ranging from 300-800 lbs. A moose is an even
bigger, stupider, goofy looking and potentially more dangerous animal, that
ranges from 600-1400 lbs. Elk antlers look like large complex deer antlers,
while moose antlers look more like big hands, with large flat 'spoons'. Moose
feed at low levels and shelter at high levels, while the reverse is true for
deer and elk. Where deer will feed on acorns, beechnuts, grass and buds off of
shubs or tree sprouts, moose love to graze in the muddy swampy areas, eating
aquatic plants.

I often tell people that it took 10,000 years of breeding by humans to make
cattle as stupid as moose are naturally. A bull moose can be VERY agressive,
much like an elephant. A guy my father works with at Ruger was charged by a bull
moose he was hunting, and the moose finally died at the guy's feet from the last
shot in his .44 magnum revolver, and having gored the guy in the hand as he
collapsed. A moose struck head on by a Mack truck will typically kill the

Spike Jones wrote:
> 4) I esk you, vhats so different, elk and moose, eh?
> All beeg hairy beasts, get in roadvay vhen ve drife to
> resort in Pocanos, no?
> More than you ever wanted to know about elks and meese,
> and more!
> and MOOSES

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