Re: FWD (IUFO) balls of light

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 13:37:59 MDT

My uncles house was similarly infested by ball lightning once, roasting the TV.
My guess is that the aunts precognition was some sort of subconcious reaction to
the high ion charge in the air.

Michael LaTorra wrote:
> I've read of ball lightning (also known as "earth lights") being reported in
> certain areas of Norway and also in the Himalayas on a fairly regular basis.
> Sporadic reports also come from other places. Here's one I heard from a
> first-person observer:
> A friend of mine told me a ball lightning story that occurred in her
> childhood home in Kansas about three decades ago. The family was sitting at
> the kitchen table having breakfast. A glowing ball came through a closed
> window, circled the table, and then went out again.
> That's the ball lightning part of the story, but it's not the whole story.
> There is also this paranormal aspect: My friend's aunt was serving breakfast
> when she heard an inner voice telling her over and over "Pick up the baby!"
> My friend's baby brother was in his high chair. The aunt picked up the baby
> just seconds before the ball lightning entered and swept over the high
> chair.
> Make of this what you will.
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