Re: Madison Ave.Love (was) True love may just be all in your head

From: \[ Robert-Coyote \] (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 11:00:47 MDT

Perhaps try pictures of males with societal symbols or accoutr`ements of
affluence and social advantage ?


I hadn't thought much about libido being affected by anything societal, but
it seems possible to me. At least twice I heard about the experiments on
men with the female pics, but never heard about anything similar done on
women. You can place me in the category with the people not affected by
looks alone and I surely would not rate my significant other as lower in
attractiveness than anyone else, at least not to the point where I would be
affected in any way that could even be confused with something sexual. If I
had a significant other, I wouldn't really give a darn what any other male
looked liked, especially since I don't care much what any of them look like
even now. I did research on the internet for male porn pics and so far
haven't found any not geared to someone gay. ( Either the pics would appeal
to a gay male or the pics were from or claimed to be from a gay site.)
Actually, it's not that easy to find free porn or any naked pics of males on
the internet. I've checked on this for myself. On the other hand, everyone
I know on the internet has been bombarded with pics of naked females. For
those who don't have faith in the experiments I described, I think the
availability of female porn (as well as the lack of male porn) makes a
enough statement about males enjoying people sexually purely for looks or

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