Re: Cities make weather.

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Jul 10 2000 - 09:50:48 MDT



>Cities soak up heat all day, and dump in on the world at night,
>causing thunderstorms where no thunderstorms should be. At least
>in the case of Atlanta.

>I wonder if this will support my claim that tornadoes skip

Well a couple of springs ago a vortex of some sort decended right
here in downtown Chicago, I know because I saw it.

It was your typical vortex and was a dirty color which turned white
and began to disipate as it crossed the river. The local weatherman
deny it was a tornado because apparently they never picked it up on
doppler radar.

As it passed through between my building and the building across
the street the revolving doors in both buildings instantly
collapsed outwards shattering the panels in a pile of broken glass.
We had the classic rumbling "train" sound the whole time. It then
went on down and terrorized people at "tasteless of Chicago".

I would tend to think the heat output may reduce in
frequency/severity the appearance of tornadoes however.


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