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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 21:36:32 MDT

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> Ah, but both "pleasure" and "love" are nothing more than soft/hard-wired
> neuronal interconnects.

They may BE chemical triggers, but never for one minute do I believe they are
"nothing but" brain cocktails. They are the product of a very complex set of
tasks and responses.

For one thing, creativity plays a higher role it in than you are allowing for.

Playfulness, inventiveness, gratification, communication, interest,
excitement, relaxation responses, risk, "good chemistry", gratitude, elation,
these are all emotions - and hence neural, but they are not caused by the
same set of neural "interconnects", are they? The neat thing about brain soup
is that it is never cooked the same.

Each experience is different and unique and holds nuance after nuance...

> Do you really want evolutionary leftovers
> controlling the way you feel?

Hey, Evolution: You're not the boss of me!!!

To some extent, at first, yes I do want the old familiar patterns of love. I
want to feel good. Comfortable, at ease. That wouldn't be possible if I
traded all my current feelings in on new ones, it'd be totally disorienting
and frightening . (!)

With mutual reevaluation, eventually refined emotions would enhance the

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