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From: Randy Smith (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 19:49:00 MDT

>>clear, well-written tutorial on genetic technology that leads from a quick
>overview of the basics, through a description of the current state of the
>and frontiers of research and development through a near- to mid- to
>projection of the benefits to be gained from these efforts. This kind of
>thing needs to be punchy and easy to read, ideally organized in short,
>digested "bullet points."

Thoughts of the kind of PR outreach that many are mentioning in this thread
have come to my mind every time I read or see a news story about GE fears. I
always ask myself, where is all the PR money that Monsanto et al., should be
spending to counteract the growing ant-GE movement. Monsanto et al the ones
under threat of losing billions in future revenues and research money
already spent.
So I figure they have already given this some thought, and since their PR
countermoves so far have been negligible (considering the bankroll they have
at their disposal), I think they must see the growing feeding frenzy in the
media as too powerful to stop. Perhaps they fear being demonized and losing
even more. The media needs to bring eyeballs to the page/screen. It appears
that GE is too easy a target to pass up.

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