Re: snappy sound bites for Glowing Grass

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 17:13:53 MDT wrote:

> A smiling, round-faced child turns from her play in a green, flowered park to
> say to the camera, "I am GM!" Images of sincere technicians and Suzy's
> friendly doctor follow as the voice-over explains that little Suzy lives
> today only thanks to genetic therapy. Closing shot of Suzy's parents hugging
> her and saying to the camera, "Thanks to GM, our daughter is OK!"

Its too bad genetic modification and General Motors have the same
initials. Im sure General Motors wont mind a bit. {8-[

How about a spinoff of the wildly successful Got Milk? ads,
only it would be Got GM? spike

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