Re: Perfected Brain Slice Cryopreservation now in Sight!

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 16:29:51 MDT

Paul Wakfer wrote:
Work is about to begin with a new VS which has allowed 21st Century Medicine researchers to achieve 95% cellular viability after testing the VS on rabbit kidney slices. In addition, work is continuing on methods of adding & removing VS that may be less damaging. Finally, it is possible that longer recovery times may further improve the ultimate viability of the slices. All in all, prospects for further improvement appear excellent.

Wow!!! This is fantastic news!! I always thought it would be at least another decade or two till we got to this point considering the very limited funding for research.

And this breakthrough could be completed before the end of the year? I am quite amazed! So this project(built of course on the foundation of previous research) has cost $100,000? I remember how it was thought a budget in the tens of millions would be needed for such advances and would take at least a decade of work.

Is this project at least in part being funded by Saul Kent and Will Faloon? I wonder how much of the funding came from private donations?

Fred Chamberlain, the president of Alcor, posted on Cryonet a few days ago saying serious work is now being done to implement 21st Century Medicine advances for Alcor use. Finally! Of course, this will take time.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting time for us. Cryonics within just a few years may be in a more powerful position than ever before. :)

best wishes,

John Grigg

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