snappy sound bites for Glowing Grass

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 16:06:41 MDT

> >...and watch the customers stream in to rip out our pretty pink grass.
> >There aughta be *something* we can do with those videos...{8-] spike
> >
> zeb haradon wrote:
> You wouldn't need to make it pink - just grow some kind of plant (I vote for
> something with thorns or poison ivy) and put the sign there. You'd want to
> be able to be watching the video from a remote location, to have police at
> the scenes as soon as someone showed up.

Poison ivy! Now yer thinking. I like it. I think we need not resort
to police if we use an appropriately noxious plant. We can use my
wireless videocam.

You know what we really need are snappy sound-bite slogans
that will fit on a bumper sticker. The low-brow crowd has used
this so effectively for promoting religion, such as: "god said it,
I believe it, that settles it." and "Adam and Eve, not Adam and

Now of course, these saying have us writhing helplessly in the
iron grip of logic, but there is the possibility we could stoop as
low and have our own bumper stickers: "The Greens want to
take away our medical treatment" and "Genetically modified
crops help save babies from starvation." That kinda thing. spike

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