Re: Glowing Grass

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 14:00:05 MDT

> Spike Jones wrote: we can take ordinary grass, paint it some wacky color using that
> non-toxic stuff they use to mark construction sites, put a sign out front saying

Wait, Ive a better idea. Lets get a bunch of quiet volunteers
together {kinda like the way the great internet mersenne prime
search is going forth}, have each volunteer plant some brand
of GM grass in their back yard.

To the lady who says "Its convenient, it just aint normal," we
answer: "Fine, lets make it normal."

I have a perfect place for it in my back yard, an isolated
grass patch completely surrounded by concrete for a
controlled experiment, exactly four meters minor diameter
and 6.41 meters major diameter {I designed it myself,
golden ratio ellipse, you see, revered by Greeks and
geeks alike}.

Greg, where can I get some of this experimental GM
grass? spike

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