Re: R: italiam interest (part 2)

Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 12:30:02 MDT

I liked your description of Italian governmental philosophies during the 20th century, vert apt indeed. The only thing I noticed (as an ignorant and ugly American) is that even when governments 'colapsed' the new Italian governments would frequently re-install the same cabinet members--perhaps hoping for a means to vote away a 'deadlock'?

More interesting to me is how Italian bussiness leaders and families were able to produce a decent standard of living with all what we American's would superficially, see as chaotic? This may be considered an unheralded Italian success story, and perhaps a lesson for the future?

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<< Spudboy100 wrote
<I don't know if it's fair for someone to term Extopianism as Reactionary,
Libertarian, for sure. The Libertarian aspect is that technology and money
come together best under capitalism. They does not mean that dictatorships
cannot achieve grand things as for as technical development goes, but to
keep an open society, capitalism, so far, seems to facilitate it best.>

I agree, it is not fair. Unfortunately we had (in Italy) a kind of
socialism, in the '20s, which changed into fascism, in the '30s, which
changed into a catholic-democracy, in the '50s, which changed into a
catholic-communism, in the '70s, which is changing now into a sort of
plasma-politics (about 48 parties!). So we use political terms in a strange
manner, now. Any way the writer there was just saying that the extropian
individualism seems to be very strong (or provocative) and reacts to the
political constraints. (In Italy this reaction is reactionary).


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