Re: Cryonics for Europe?

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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 07:06:22 MDT

Gamma Pi wrote:

>I am thinking more and more about cryonics. The problem is that I live in
>Europe. Everything that I read so far seems very American. Suppose I sign up
>with a cryosuspension provider in the US. Suppose I have a fatal accident on
>the road after that. I do not think there would be time for an emergency
>team to come from the US. Most likely the cryosuspension would have to be
>performed by a local team and the frozen corpse shipped to the storage
>facility in the US, of course in proper containers and handling procedures..
>But these technical problems might be nothing when compared to the
>administrative and legal problems. Is there any cryonics provider in a EU
>country? Does any major US provider have branch offices in the EU?

Check out the following website. It has links to cryonics facilities and
supporters throughout Europe.

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