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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 07:40:34 MDT

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> Another one I thought of: low self esteem, leading
> to an inability to own up to your accomplishments.
> If you don't think that you have a lot of power over
> your own life, then you would have a need to
> "explain away" all of your accomplishments. If your
> mother is dying of cancer, and you are able to pull
> through and be there for her without going insane,
> then you have to attribute this perseverence to
> something besides yourself, so you pin it on God. To
> a lesser extent, getting an A on the test might be
> thanks to God, because you prayed, and not just
> because you're capable of learning the material.
> It's analogous to blaming your dark thoughts and
> actions on the devil.

Another good one Zeb. Reminds me of the athletes and
award winning musicians and actors who thank their
deity for their success. But I don't think these
people generally have low self-esteem. It seems more
like being placed in the public eye for some kind of
achievement places one at social risk. The viewing
public is vigilant for signs of arrogance and anything
less than a graceful acceptance leads to social
disapproval. Thanking god for your award is a clever
social tactic. You appear humble by not taking all the
credit yourself and at the same time you suggest that
there's something about you that made god want you to

I once heard a comedian quip about how athletes never
blame Jesus when they lose.

"...Freakin' Jesus let us down out there today. I
think the other team just out-prayed us. We're going
to have to start drafting from more Christian


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