italiam interest (part 2)

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 03:21:33 MDT

Italian interest in extropic and transhumanist topics is growing (....despite of my modest posting on this list!).
The page above, making some confusion between extropy and negentropy, says that Max More is like Moses (!). His Principles are, for extropians, like the Tables of the Law. The *best do it so* logo and the life-extension goal are mentioned. But the writer is asking *how they'll spend their spare time in the immortality epoch?*. Actually a similar question comes from the very old E. Gombrich:*life time is extended, yes, but I am much more busy now than I was in the '70s, and I cannot understand why!*. Smart drugs (?) and cryonics and mind-loading are also mentioned, in connection to extropism. Romana Machado is mentioned for her transhumanist philosophy. And also Marvin Minsky, the Extropy Institute, those extropic conferences and the cybertopia. The writer says that the political attitude of this movement is very libertarian, but often reactionary.
The page above (1997) is interesting because it comes from the, the main tv company, owned by the State.
The page above comes from the newborn italian engine called supereva

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