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Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 01:14:29 MDT

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>Subject: Re: human/world interfaces
>Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 20:36:54 -0400
>So I set about at age 15 to induce & train the hallucinatory modalities. I
>started via the hypnagogic & hypnopompic states that border sleep.
>Within 3 weeks I could induce such states ...and cultivate auditory &
>hallucinations while awake but relaxed. Extremely lucid dreaming came my
>way... if I were religious... I could well imagine that my experiences
>compare in depth with Joan of Arc's or the Fatima trio.
I had a similar experience. In college in the late '60's, I worked as a
night watchman at dorms. To stay awake, I resorted to diet pills -
dexadrine mainly. I would be SO tired, however, that often I would fall
into a dream that was identical - at first - to the reality of the lobby
where I sat alone with my texts. Then, shortly, I would hear a knock at the
door or people would appear and I would find myself in a full-fledged dream
and realize that it was a dream, at which point the problem was how to wake
up. I found that the only thing I could actually control was my breathing,
and that by increasing my breathing wake sufficiently, I could force myself

However, it seemed obvious that what I was experiencing was what the more
credulous called "astral projection." I became curious as to what kind of
capabilities existed for using this lucid dreaming to examine reality itself
- and also what kind of recreational possibilities... So, for a while, I
did the same thing you did, at my leizure training myself to go into these
states. I found one thing that I couldn't do, BTW, while in one of these
lucid dreams. I couldn't turn around and look at myself. It seemed to take
an infinite amount of will. I could get to the point of seeing my feet, and
no further.

Once I stopped - for the same reason, lack of time - they didn't stay with
me, however. Wonder why they stayed in your case?
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