Re: dooooooh!

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 09 2000 - 00:39:45 MDT

> >Hey I bet John Clarke is enjoying all this... {8-]
> John Clark wrote: Not at all,...Back in 1997 there was a ABM test that used an
> unrealistically small number of decoys, only 10, a real enemy would use
> between ten and a hundred times as many.

Decoys schmeecoys John. Those tests of decoy discrimination are
done separately and secretly. The guys making the decisions on
this stuff have access to info you and I cannot see. Thats why they
keep pushing on, not because they enjoy wasting money or hope
the enemy cant figure out how to make a mylar balloon with a
warhead in it. Which, as a comical aside, we did not successfully
do on this test either. Our one decoy failed... {8-[ {8^D spike

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