IR imaging/ rocket photos

From: Doug Jones (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 19:24:39 MDT

Doug Jones wrote:
> I've gotten interesting results by combining an IR image with a normal
> light image in a novel way- substituting the IR channel for the
> luminance in an HSL image instead of one of the RGB channels. This
> doesn't introduce huge color shifts, but black (opaque) glass becomes
> gray, blue skies are dark with vivid blue clouds, and plants are light
> green. I'll post a trio of pics on (I gotta
> make a webpage one of these days).

Ok, I bit the bullet and spent the last couple hours slapping together a
really ugly webpage with some interesting pics on it- the IR stuff
above, and some closeup pictures of work in progress at XCOR.

See if you're interested, or even
if you're not.

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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