Re: Tipler/Sheldrake

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 17:50:34 MDT

altamira wrote:

> Plants: Take 2 plants and give them identical care with one exception: for
> one of the plants stop by and look at it every day and think (or
> say--doesn't matter whether you say the words out loud or just think
> them )nice thoughts such as "How beautiful your flowers are today, with the
> sunlight shining so delicately pink through their petals!" The plant you
> stop and appreciate will thrive...

Perhaps unconciously choosing the better plant to fawn over?
Do this: take a number of plants, have someone else maintain them
all identically. Before any of the plants start, choose the location of
the one you intend to nurture by thought or words, then stay with
that one. Dont physically touch the plant in any way, or even breath
directly upon it. Do your plant-praising after the plant maintainer has left.
Make sure the plant maintainer does not know which plant is getting
the encouragement. Get a third person to evaluate the plants at a
preselected time, a person who knows not the experiment. Record
the results, even if it goes against the theory. Get a thousand others
to do likewise. Would you still bet on the outcome? spike

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