Fungimol 0.3 has ball-and-wire and bug fixes

From: Tim Freeman (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 06:07:30 MDT

Announcing Fungimol version 0.3.

Fungimol is a extensible system that allows one to design atomic-scale
objects. It's written in C++, and presently runs under Linux.

It comes with source and binaries for Brennermd, a Fortran public
domain molecular dynamics system for hydrocarbon chemistry produced by
Donald Brenner, J.A. Harrison, S.B. Sinnott, and O. Shenderova.

Changes since version 0.2:

* Ball-and-wire drawing of atoms.
* Wire frame drawing becomes dimmer toward the back of the scene, so
   you can see depth.
* The initial scene is centered in the frame.
* One executable handles both the 16 and 32 bit per pixel cases (it
   took two executables before), so the binary distribution is smaller.
* Brennermd is included so you only need to download only one
   file. (Brennermd is still available as a separate package.)
* It takes a file to read as a command line argument. For instance,
   it can be plugged into a browser and used as a pdb file viewer.
* Better reading and writing of PDB files.
* Minor UI improvements.

Documentation, sources, and binaries are at

Tim Freeman
Jul 8, 2000

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