Re: the match is on...

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 23:21:12 MDT

Spike wrote:
> > That test launch of the NMD should be going off right about.... now.
> >
> >
> The target is in the air. So far its tied, red team 1, blue team 1.
> Intercept in about 12 minutes. Stay tuned... spike

This test has been over for 30 minutes as I write this, and yet with all
of our modern technology, with the great Internet that is supposed to make
information available at our fingertips, I can't find out the results. doesn't have it. doesn't have it. Spike wrote the
above message over 30 minutes ago. He hasn't heard, either.

I'm impatient. I want the news as it happens, when it happens.

There are people who know the answer. They could be making the data
available. But we have to wait.

This isn't the first time. During the big meteor shower last year, the
sites which were supposed to have up-to-the-minute reports were sometimes
SIX HOURS out of date. Some of the JPL releases (like the first Face on
Mars pic) have not been made available on mirror sites despite promises
that those sites would have the data simultaneously with the main site.

Granted, this is all new technology. But it can't be that hard to post
a short message with the results, and to make it widely available.

I hope that we will see an increase in professionalism and a recognition
that timeliness of data is something that people value. A site which
can make breaking news available as it happens will have significant


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