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> I once discussed the "ship option" with a licensed captain. His opinion
> was that it is next to useless...the Coast Guard by no means restricts
> itself to U.S. territorial waters, and can and will board vessels of *any*
> flag if it believes U.S. citizens are in danger or that U.S. law is being
> broken. It is actually *easier* to do such things in international
> waters, since they are obviously not invading anyone's soveriegn
> territory. The flag country has grounds to complain, but rarely does.
> Bear in mind the suspected terrorist that was lured into international
> waters and arrested a few years ago. In many ways the U.S. government has
> *more* power at sea. If they decide they want you...well, they just go
> *get* you.

These examples arise from efforts to interdict contraband or arrest violent
criminals. I suspect that the "leading maritime powers" would be quite leery
of this kind of behavior in connection with activities that took place
entirely on the high seas. I wouldn't look to a flag of convenience to
protect such a vessel, but rather would look to the simple lack of precedent
as some protection. The old UK "pirate radio" station ships are a good
precedent for the kind of immunity from national policing on the high seas
this sort of endeavor would hope to enjoy. However, I'm still a deep skeptic
of the "oceanic" option, but for practical operational and economic reasons.

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