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> > "Romantic love is to for many people,
> > at any rate, intoxicating."
> This should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied the brain
> even cursorily. This article is not the first time I have heard
> this! Why it's suddenly news is a mystery to me.
Well, anything can become news if you say it is news. But this is one
of the most obvious things to call news I have heard. :-)

Perhaps one reason is that many feel there is an incongruity between
love and neuroscience - one is soft and highly subjective, the other
is presumtively hard and objective. I guess a lot of people would
simply say that you cannot capture the essence of love in the lab. But
I think the reverse holds - it is by understanding the hows and whys
of ourselves we become not just masters of ourselves, but also more
keen observers, experiencers.

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