Re: Wingdahl's question: (Was) italian interest

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 17:06:38 MDT

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> The question is really about philosophical principles, can one advocate
> transhumanism while sharing stasist views upon society?

Absolutely. And people do.

Such a person will not be in 100% accord with the Extropian principles that
Max has set forth, but they can be in accord with their own. And this should
not be a call to begin wars and name calling! We've witnessed the
fruitlessness of that all too often.

Philosophical convictions about economics, spiritual and ethical concerns
about computers/biotech/AI will often arrive at differing solutions for
social concerns - in other words, all the complicated issues are not
resolved. We must expect divergent experiential and political views. If they
do not concur with YOUR particular brand of reasoning, the best you can do is
try to show the offending person that you are correct. You cannot expect all
transhumanists to view things in a way you find axiomatic.

Diversity is to be expected.

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