How do you know you're not in Hell? (was: Why we believe)

From: Michael LaTorra (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 16:00:36 MDT

J. R. Molloy wrote:

> All right then...Hello, nice to see you all again. In case you haven't
> and to many of your's surprise ... you are now, in hell. I am the Devil,
> you can call me Spike if you like. We like to keep things a bit informal

Hell would probably not conform to our classical expectations of fire and

It would probably be a place where you didn't get what you want, you got
what you didn't want, and there was sickness, old age, and death. Over and
over again. An eternal return of pain interspersed with a few moments of
pleasure just so you would know what you're missing the rest of the time.

So how do you know you're not there right now?

And can you think of a better reason for the Extropian project to


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