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>Later, I expanded my selfish motivations to include the possibility
>of improving my communications skills. If I could figure out how
>most people interfaced with the world, I'd be able to imagine how it
>felt to be them, and then I'd stand a better chance of saying the
>right things to them.

Knowing a person's personality type can be quite helpful in this
regard. There are many personality type "systems". I like "systems"
anyway, including personality-typing systems, and so I like
observing people, asking a few questions, and figuring out some
things about their personality type. Once I have a handle on what
their basic motivations are, then I have some idea for how to
interact with them. I'm a highly sensitive person anyway, and this
helps me to see the world through their eyes. If I didn't have some
tool to help me though, I would probably feel a little bit lost in
knowing how to interact with people. I chose my scientific field
partly because the Universe is much more comprehensible to me than
are people.

>(people used to say of me that I was off in my own little
>god-knows-where world)(my brother once suggested that I might be a
>"high-functioning" autistic, but I don't think I quite fit that category

Has anyone here ever been classified as autistic? If so, I would be
interested in learning how that experience has shaped you. I had
some large childhood communication difficulties (not autistic though)
that I'm sure shaped my interface with the world.


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