Re: Questioning transhumanism & Futures

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 13:35:09 MDT

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<< While I dislike the tone of the paper a bit I think it says something
 directly to us transhumanists. We are already thinking *partially* in
 this post-Baconian world, and we do have the chance to be the ones
 that explore it, set the agenda, come up with the influential myths!
 But to do that we have to give up the default assumptions of the old -
 without falling into a postmodern mist of relativism and hidden
 authority worship. >>
Reminds me of the book The End of Science (author John Horgan?*) the SciAm
science writer who basically saw science and technology at an end, because he
interviewed these 'great minds' and couldn't think of anything better. "If I
can't come up with a solution, then it doesn't exist!" Here is a cause for
some Non-Rand, humility, please!

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