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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 12:09:12 MDT

Well said. Maybe the Itallian translation was somehow off a bit in its
publishing. Tipler does clearly state the Omega Point name was clearly
inspired by Teilhard De Chardin; a fellow who always got in trouble with the
Church for advocationg evolution and then finding evidence of it in Algeria
(where he was presumably sent as punishment years before) and discovering the
Peking Man's remains in China, also.

Tipler speculates that religion, as such, must become a part of science, in
the sense that religion, to keep people involved, will have to adjust to
physical theory--based on fact. But thats it! Barrow and Tipler's Final
Anthropic Principle are as useful to disbelieving Atheists, as they are to
the deeply religious. That is to say, if it works, it works globally; as
anti-biotics works globally, and electricty works for everyone.

If it works, then no one religion, cult, or atheist collective can own it,
anymore then one can possess the discoveries of Copernicus (Kopernik). If
there is an Omega Point we are not speaking of it actually ocurring for at
least 100 billion years, and more like trillions or quadrillions of years. So
these ANSA folks can take time for a coffee ;-) Until the we have a Lot of
work to be done.

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<< Gentlemen who wrote these (italian) pages
 are telling me they are changing their mind, about extropism. Now they think
that extropians are not a *sect* as Ansa (a sort of italian Reuters)
announced many months ago (but I did not read this).Of course: they still do
not *embrace the future* (the best known extropic motto, in Italy) and they
do not believe in *omega-points* (the second best known extropic thing, in
 Note that Italy appreciated so much, during ' 60, the french catholic
philosopher Teilhard de Chardin and his omega-point-human-deity ! >>

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