Re: omega-point-deity (was: from Italy about exi)

From: Waldemar Ingdahl (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 11:41:19 MDT

> > What I suggest, is to "cheerfully" explain to the merely curious or
> > the misinformed that the universe is way-big enough for all kinds of
> > religions and plenty of room left over for atheists to. Baring that,
> > if they are persistently obnoxious, give their nuts a healthy tweak.
>Unfortunately I think you miss Waldemar's point. The misinformed will
>simply believe that we are some sort of cult, and then not listen to
>us (how often do we *listen* to religious fundamentalists, and not
>just picking up stuff to make fun of?).

Thanks Anders!
I think the above shows that the transhumanist movement today lacks a good
analysis of its present environment that my point didn't go through. What
are we perceived as, by the current mainstream? In what ways is it possible
for transhumanism to be negatively/ positively perceived? What are the
opinions of the mainstream on the topics we are discussing?

Those are important questions! This because transhumanism is an ideology
with far reaching implications, a system building philosophy! With deep
implications also in the field of political theory, and ethics, this as
certain kinds of politics and ethics will work to the advantage of
transhumanism, and others certainly wont.

If we don't care about these issues we are just playing a bit with
computers, or having dreamy discussions about physics. But these things are
not INHERENTLY transhumanist, they could be discussed otherwise. And if we
don't have the tools to bring forward the societal change most will soon get
just a pasttime. But with the right tools, right analysis, and right
arguments we can change the world to a society that fits our ideas better.

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