post-humanist/sentient/digital philosophy?

From: matthew gream (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 08:58:52 MDT

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Dear all,

One of my recent research interests is philosophy surrounding the digital
society and sentient beings - no doubt I still have much to learn - I am
trying to cover appropriate reference points on the web, and wonder whether
others can help by suggesting places to look.

For instance, I include cryptography/cypherpunks/digital_rights/zks/eff and
the implementation of 'ethics' in digital media (the relationships between
the society/individual as they were encoded in laws and ways of acting are
now encoded in cryptographic protocols), and
transhumanist/extropianism/futures/etc (mans spiritual quest and the birth
of the meme species satisfied through technical augmentation and navigation
towards the future including the unity of knowledge and wisdom in the
singularity), molecularmanufacturing/nanotech/etc (the post-industrial
economy where man has mastered the next layer of physical production is on
the roadmap towards mans continuing mastery over reality, etc) and
futures/foresight/etc (investigating, predicting and shaping the
possibilities of the future).

Would anyone be so kind as to offer suggestions beyond the above ? Mailing
lists, major web sites, etc. If I don't get a chance to make a web page in
the future, I will at least return a summary of answers back to the list.

Best regards,
Matthew Gream

(btw: have you read about the web browser that has been constructed for
animals - soon the digital collective consciousness may link all sentient
beings together, and we won't be able to tell the parrots from the script
kiddies! --- the internet is truly a collective consciousness and a medium
for interspecies communication and interaction!)

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