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Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 07:23:49 MDT

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<< See the science fiction page in Nature this week: "The abdication of
 Pope Mary III" by Robert J. Sawyer. It has a nice take on this that
 also relates a bit to this discussion. >>
Will do.

<<Unfortunately I think you miss Waldemar's point. The misinformed will
simply believe that we are some sort of cult, and then not listen to
us (how often do we *listen* to religious fundamentalists, and not
just picking up stuff to make fun of?). >>

Perhaps I did miss Waldemar's point? People will always believe whatever
they want to, despite your best efforts to not be misrepresented.
Extropianism as a philosophy is already going it alone, by seeking a path
beyond death; something culturally, most scientists have not concerned
themselves with and would certainly demurr from. Also our little attempt at
cosmology in the last few days would also get a eye-rolling disinterest from
many astronomers and physicists.

I would say decide on what you want and go for it no matter what. If Waldemar
is disturbed by Tipler's views being misued; perhaps he might (if he can!)
engage some other scientists who are interested in how life might survive(all
our eggs in Tipler's basket and such). This might be a good group project.
However, I suspect it shall only interest the few-even on this list!

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