ACE inhibitors & hypoglycemic agents as LE drugs

From: James Ganong (
Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 05:50:51 MDT

Several days ago, CYMM had asked about these medications & their LE
applications ( I just saw the post while playing email catchup, hence
the delay);
as a pharmacist, I have reflexive habit of answering drug-related
questions, so:

ACE inhibitors are good for reducing mortality & morbidity from
disease, but other than this I know of no direct LE benefits.

Hypoglycemic agents might have some benefit in LE programs by reducing
the formation of AGEs, but dietary modification is probably as effective
for nondiabetics, without risking the adverse side effects. The real
promise lies with drugs like aminoguanidine that can reverse existing
damage from AGEs.

Hope this helps.

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