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Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 21:35:33 MDT

Blaming ideas by Barrow( now at Cambridge I think) and Tipler at Tulane
doesn't seem profitable since Tipler has already stated that he feels that
religion will become a part of physics as knowledge of the human place and
destiny in the universe increases. What I suggest, is to "cheerfully"
explain to the merely curious or the misinformed that the universe is way-big
enough for all kinds of religions and plenty of room left over for atheists
to. Baring that, if they are persistently obnoxious, give their nuts a
healthy tweak. If you want to dump Tipler, you can always jump to Hans
Moravec (Carnegie Mellon) or to Max Tegmark (now at U of Penn). My chief
problem with Tipler is not that his ideas are nutty, but that he seems

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<< Do I have to spell it out for you again. lets go. The people are not
 interested of geeky religions and math teorems, end of story.
 If they have alredy formd a predjudice against transhumanism becuse Tippler,
 we are all very FUCKED. Then we're seen as a nutty sect, and in for all heck
 of a lot of slope before being able to communicate outwards again. And this
 just because they skimmed a Tipler page or especially anti- Tipler page.
 So, what to do?
 Ingdahl >>

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