Re: Owning as cultural baggage (was: Is Eugenics Really A Bad Thing?)

Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 20:40:48 MDT

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> Maybe the moral is something like this: let people develop and grow as
> will rather than trying to squash them into pre-packaged roles; life is
> dynamic--things that stay always the same are lifeless, so let change occur
> rather than trying to keep people and relationships always the same; when a
> relationship that has been good begins to be deteriorate and become
> for one or another of the parties, change it, or let it go; when a
> relationship must end, think of it as a lesson learned or as growth rather
> than as a failure. (these things are easy to say, but they don't seem to
> easy for people to put into practice)
> Bonnie

    How very true. It's a shame that our hearts usually get in the way of
common sense like this.


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