What was the religious/ideological foundation of Nazism?

From: John M Grigg (starman125@mailcity.com)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 19:38:08 MDT

Spike Jones wrote:
Contradiction in terms. The Nazis were Christian. Evil for sure, but not Satanist or atheist. Equating Nazi to atheist is an insult to all atheists. spike

Hitler and the Nazi's were "Christian" to the extent it was a cloak they wore to ingratiate themselves with the public and consolidate their power. This was not the first time this was done in history! Later, the Christian trappings were phased out for an approach of Nazism as a cult of personality religion with Hitler as the savior. I have read stories of Nazi youth party members actually being taught to pray to Hitler.

Equating Nazism with Christianity OR atheism is insulting. Should we compare them to something biological... like cancer?

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