Re: One last poke at socialism

From: Michael LaTorra (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 16:09:11 MDT

I was really struck by a couple of passages in the socialist tract re-posted
from /. which I reproduce below:

>"Socialism has been discredited as a workable political philosophy, and is
considered by some to be no longer fashionable."

Yes, it has been discredited based on what it has produced, and fashion has
nothing to do with it. So why does anyone keep pushing this discredited

>"In the past, we have allowed self-interested, opportunistic politicians to
trick us into thinking that they were interested in the public at large."

Right! And not only in the past. The plain fact is that governments are
always run primarily for the benefit those who run governments. Just look at
how well government leaders and their sycophants live in even the poorest
socialist state. Look at Mao and Stalin and Kim Jong Il and Castro. If, as
the writer of the above claimed, we are all equal, then he must admit that,
as Orwell wrote in "Animal Farm" some are "more equal than others." Slavery
and indentured servitude were abolished in capitalist societies long ago.
But in communist ("hard socialist") states, where forced labor by political
dissidents is still a significant economic factor, slavery is alive and

Socialism is nothing but a smoke and mirrors propaganda (or advertising)
campaign designed to fool a majority into empowering a minority; a minority
that cannot deliver on its promises, but can eliminate the hope for real
economic progress.


Michael LaTorra

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