Laughter, the orthogonal medicine

From: Corbally (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 15:38:46 MDT

>>> >Morality can and must interfere
>>> >with many things, but never ever ever our sense of humor.
>>I suppose that did sound a bit heavy-handedly sanctimonious, didn't it?
>And probably mine [deleted], too, in response. Sigh.
>> I had no choice but to laugh. It was funny. Evil, but
>>funny. [...] Laughter exists on an orthagonal plane.
Being an Irishman, sick an twisted humour is second-nature to me. My wife
is American though, and it was fascinating to watch as he became accustomed
to and began to understand comedy here. It tends to be quite subtle but
biting. She's as bad as any of us Irish now!:))

One trick my sister and I do is to make up warped lyrics to songs on the
radio, eash trying to outdo the other. Mucho fun!

Anyone ever seen the TV show Father. Ted? Now that's funny:)

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