Re: Why we believe (was: fishing with the seventh seal)

From: Corbally (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 15:27:51 MDT

I remember recently reading an article on the net (lost the reference) that
explained the "proof" for the resurrection. One of the main points was
that since the Biblical description of the chamber the body lay in matched
archaeological evidence of the structure and usage of such buildings, then
Jesus must be true. I've seen this kind of non sequitur many times in
theistic argument.

I recently read a well written (but very long) article, which started out
quite intelligently, but towards the end of the second half degenerated
into the old "Atheist= Evil Nazi Satanist" stereotypes, among other
errors... He also called Bertrand Russell "insane":)

Another point I've not seen on the list is that it provides a "common
enemy", whether it be other religions, demons or whatever. This "us
against them" has a very strong bonding effect, which also acts to
reinforce the original enemy concept. Case in point would be Northern
Ireland, where religion is used to cement each sides people together.

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