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> Experiment demonstrates that psychotherapy produces results slightly
> worse than a control group in which patients just talk to a random
> person for an hour. writes:

> Please give your source

Never mind siting the source, I read that post and even if that study did
occur, it was googley eyes!!

What we call therapy (whether it's mental or physical) for one hour is pretty
much useless. Except maybe for suicide intervention, if they lock someone up.

One hour of therapy *would* make people feel worse.
(I assume results are based on interviewing the subjects on how they felt)

Like an injury, after one hour of therapy the wound is left aggravated.
Stiffness would set in, and maybe even damage could've been done.

Therapy (of any kind) implies a long-term goal and progressive,
individualized treatments that require commitment of the patient and
therapist..... rehabilitation, recuperation... the patient takes many twists
and turns. It is almost impossible to get a linear measurement of recovery.
That is where the term 'one step forward one step back' seems most

On top of that, results are not 'hard science' measurable at all , since they
are usually done by interview..... and they involve subjective evaluations of
self-behaviors, which include self-deceptions, rationalizations.. and they
are measuring the 'greyer than grey' areas of our feelings and emotional
well being. They have found way to see who' better or worse. Objectively ?

(UH -- not to mention: a "control group" that involves people's feeling is
pretty uncontrolled, can you tell me the hormone count of both of the entire
groups that day?; - )

Thera-pee works over time... and in tangent.... it's a partnership....
When signs of gradual improvement occurs, a new training is introduced and
progress is measured slowly and over many months. Different types of therapy
are tried, some working ....some not. Coping tools are introduced over time,
and support is removed as the subject grows stronger.

I am not saying YOU need therapy, E, from all accounts you're a perfect
specimen of emotionally well adjusted youth, but = ) don't discount it for
all the rest of us - at least not on acount a' that silly test

With love to all, me back from work hell....

PS: I like the 'improvements' thread...

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