Re: thoughts on psychotherapy

From: Dana Hedberg (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 11:16:58 MDT

In my experience, most people think: psychology/psychotherapy/clinical
psychology/psychiatrist = Freud. All of psychology is about talking with
people concerning their mothers and sexual dysfunction. It's truly
unfortunate that the mass cultural conception of psychology is in the
same class as alchemists and astrologers.

For the record, psychology is a type of scientific arena with many
sub-disciplines. Psychotherapy is a class of tools/methods used for
intervention. Again, unfortunately, popular culture has generated the
myth of the "shrink" as being what psychology is all about. As well,
this meme seems to have incredible staying power and a vigorous rate of


Nigel Hammersted wrote:
> most laypeople seem to use the terms psychotherapy and
> clinical psychology synonymously; in most commercial
> telephone listings such as the yellow pages, there
> does not seem to be a distinction. i usually assume a
> person is using the term "psychotherapy" in this broad
> sense unless some clue tells me otherwise.
> nigel hammersted

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