Re: I'm Crit-ing the Bible! Re: fishing with the seventh seal

Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 02:19:28 MDT

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I don't know to what extent Alex retains some vestige of religiousity, but
I certainly know a way that
an enterprising atheist could use his site. And, if he sticks to his lassiez-
faire philosophy of "running
things" then he won't try to prevent you. The key, my friends, is subtlety.
We've been beating them
over the head with our atheism since the enlightenment, and we've taken
that strategy as far as it
will go. Faith and atheism have equilibrated, and there is still the danger
of gridlock.

So. If you can't beat them, join them and then beat them. What if some
  agnostics, or plain
old anti-fanatics were to suddenly embrace the outward form, the trappings
of Christianity but gently
toning down the outdated, backwards parts that are causing everyone the
most trouble?

Of course, most of you guys wouldn't make credible neo-Christians, and
wouldn't enjoy
playing that role anyway. But it may still be productive to think about
some kind of protocol for friend-or-foe
recognition between neo-Christians and atheists/agnostics. So, while you're
out there putting red
crit marks all over the OBP site, for a little change of pace, try stating
your beliefs in a manner that isn't
hostile to Christianity. Try letting Christians you know win an argument
every now and then, letting them
think they're come a step closer to saving your soul while in fact you've
taken them a step closer to

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