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Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 14:16:06 MDT

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> See
> "Thirty Proofs of God's Existence."
> ...

LOL... I like this part, "Advice For Christians, or
How To Protect Your Faith", a little farther up on the

same page:


01. Ensure that your concept of God is so vague that nobody can know precisely what you are talking about.

02. Pay no attention to people who try to reason with you. Know that they are mere shysters out to deceive you.

03. If doubts arise in your mind, then make the God- concept even more vague. If possible, move God beyond the reaches of thought where He'll be safe.

04. If your beliefs seem to contradict one another, simply ignore the fact. Chant to yourself "God is infinitely mysterious" two hundred or so times.

05. Learn to fully submit to God. In this way, you can

cease the irritating habit of thinking and soon attain Peace.

06. Never cease to harden your beliefs. Otherwise, reality will begin to seep into your life and you'll be in real trouble. If you are having difficulties, go to church services on a more regular basis.

07. Take time to study the sciences. By doing so, you will be better able to distort and misrepresent them. [ Case in point: In the local paper where I live, there was a "letter to the editor"/opinion column yesterday that just stunned me at the sheer inanity of it-- the person insisted that the genome map project is "proof" of 'God's existence'...why? because it's referred to as a 'code' or 'book of life', etc etc... Oh, so now newspaper/magazine columnists' and biotech co.'s

PR people's overused analogy-ish words are 'proof' of _anything_, aside from some people's apparent lack of reasoning abilites? ]

08. Do not read the Gospels too closely as you may find some disturbing things. If you do find a threatening passage, ignore it. If some unease remains, go to your local preacher. His life is dedicated to your well-being.

09. Above all, do not think for yourself. If you do, your friends will leave you and you'll be alone. God does not approve of anti-social ways. [ Unless the person doesn't believe in God - even if they believe in another god, but not The One True God(TM)...which is always by definition the god _you_ believe in, and any other god is just a False God(TM) (while the other people believe the same thing from their perspective!) - and then it's fine to ignore them all you want. ]

10. Listen to your feelings. If they are happy, then God is happy - for God created us to be happy, did

he not?

Note: Do not hesitate to use violence, whether against

a threatening thought or an evil atheist. God thoroughly approves the use of violence to protect the



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